Q4Health Project Facts
of Service and Prioritisation for Emergency Services in the LTE RAN stack

  • Three Partners – RedZinc Services Limited, Eurecom, University of Malaga
  • 2 years Innovation Action, Starting 1 January 2016
  • Q4HEALTH project is an innovation action focused on the optimization of real time video for emergency services over LTE.
  • The project is implemented as a set of experiments conducted over the FIRE platforms PerformLTE and OpenAirInterface
  • Challenge – how to optimize wearable LTE video
  • 8 Experiments
  • Evaluation of 20 KPIs for wearable video

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Experiment Experiment Name

Experiment A  Application to EPC Service Control
   Evolution of the Rx interface using OpenFlow
Experiment B  Application Controlled In Building Handover
   Between LTE pico cells, small cells and Wi-Fi
Experiment C                      Group Video over OpenFlow at Adjacent Macro Cell                

OpenFlow to support group sharing of video/audio directly to adjacent eNodeB without trombone to  EPC


Experiment D Scheduling Optimisation for Priority

VideoScheduling programmability through API allowing application-specific resource allocation

Experiment E UE Antenna evaluation

Comparison of belt mounted wearable antenna


Experiment F Integrated Experiment to showcase optimal features 

Validation of all features with end to end validation and showcase

Experiment G Modem evaluation
Modems comparison for components selection
Experiment H Battery evaluation

Study of the battery autonomy in several scenarios