Malaga Police  service

The event, “Feria de Málaga”, is a week-long public and cultural event in which the city receives over 2 million of visits. In its last edition, Agust 2017,  the Malaga Police used the BlueEye service to cover the public safety activities:

  • Access controls and restrictions
  • Security checks
  • Recollecting evidence
  • Evaluation of emergency scene level and needed resources

The BlueEye platform was evaluated taking into account the visitor flow and coverage level, being connected to Vodafone public network employing commercial SIM cards, to evaluate:

  • Video resolution quality in different environments, (day/night).
  • Performance in network congestion conditions.
  • System autonomy.
  • Adaptation with the Police equipment: in a car, during a persecution, in recognition activities.
  • Video/audio transmission delays.

Technical features:

  • Two BlueEye backpack models.
  • Vodafone SIM cards.
  • Command client application installed in the Police Command Centre.

Granada, 061 service

For this showcase, two simulations of real medical scenarios were recreated to assess the benefits of the Q4HEALTH project in paramedic services.

  • Ictus code. This is a medical case where the response time and the sings recognition have a higher impact on the patient’s treatment. The real-time video/audio transmission is very relevant to save the patient’s life in this use case.
  • Multiple Accident. In this use case, the interaction between the paramedic and the emergency doctor during the triage can save lives. The communication and the display of the emergency location enable the coordination with other emergency services which could be required such as a second medical unit, police unit or fire department.

This showcase analyses the benefits that the Q4HEALTH network (implemented by means of this project experiments), can provide in comparison with the current public LTE network.

Technical features:

  • Two BlueEye units:
    • One unit connected to the Q4health network:
      • Nokia cell as a base station.
      • Polaris EPC
      • Dedicated bearer.
    • One unit connected to Vodafone network
      • Vodafone commercial SIM
    • Hospital application

For this comparison, the BlueEye video transmissions were displayed on different monitors:

Q4HEALTH on the right monitor                  VODAFONE on the left monitor.