The objectives of this work package are to evaluate the Evolved Packet Core/Evolved Node B architecture in order to determine the necessary details to migrate from a traditional Evolved Packet Corestructure into a structure supported by OpenFlow where the bearer is mapped into a discrete open flow. Secondly we will implement a database mapping scheme where the tags within the bearer at the S1 interface (e,g. ID, port, QCI, endpoint etc) which determining the characteristics of the bearer at the traffic level can be mapped into the rules of an OpenFlow OpenvSwitch. Thirdly we will deploy all the functions to the Malaga testbed, conduct a system test and perform base-line which can be used as comparison during the experiments.

Similarly to the other work packages, the work to be accomplished in this work package has been considered in different tasks, as presented next:

  • T1.1 Study architecture of Evolved Packet Core/Evolved Node B in the context of QoS Prioritisation and OpenFlow Mapping
  • T1.2 Build database of Evolved Packet Core Bearer to OpenFlow mapping
  • T1.3 Blue-Eye System Integration along with OpenFlow and OpenAirInterface to Malaga Lab
  • T1.4 System Test and baseline capability definition