The aim of this work packages is to engage relevant stakeholder groups with the project and to establish trust in the project goals and results. To achieve this aim, the following objectives are defined namely the identification of the relevant stakeholders interested in the outcome project and definition of the key messages to be transmitted and the corresponding dissemination activities. Q4HEALTH intends to create dissemination material based on appropriately processed information to fit the target groups and the key messages identified. A showcase will be produced, aimed at supporting the project results to wide range audiences including (first responders 4G telcos and the LTE research and development community. In addition to support exploitation Q4HEALTH will preparation of business plan related to the results of the project.

Work Paclage 4 is divided into five main tasks, described next:

  • T4.1 Experiments G and H: These experiments complete the cycle of component selection and      evaluation of the BlueEye platform by the modem selection and Battery life study.

    Experiment F: Integrated Experiment to showcase optimal features

  • T4.2 Showcase of video QoS for emergency services in the LTE RAN stack
  • T4.3 Web site, collaboration tools
  • T4.4 Dissemination
  • T4.5 Exploitation and business plan