Malaga University, MORSE.

As an academic institution, the main objective of the University of Málaga is the scientific excellence, which includes publication of papers in recognized journals and the presentation of results in high-visibility conferences and workshops, as well as to provide the means to develop the skills of its students in PhD and Master courses.

Although the scope of the project is very focused on nature, it has produced a great number of papers accepted in different publications.

Aside of these publications, during the project several developments for internal and external use have been developed:

  • Fog Gateway: A Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) solution to improve latency and throughput of the traffic of a user connected to an LTE eNodeB. Showcase during the project review, it is already being used in experiments funded by the Fed4FIRE+ consortium.
  • SDN code and middlebox as an approach of the Fog Gateway.
  • an ePDG client using already available Linux tools to test the stability and characterize the performance of the LTE-WiFi handover.


As a software company specialising in a wearable video camera, the main goal of RedZinc is the development of innovative services application into the technology sector, working with the latest methodologies, solutions and standards to guarantee a good integration in the market.

Some of the challenges achieved during the by using a proper Testbed which offers realistic scenarios for testing activities during the manufacturing process.

  • Evaluation and development of new network solutions to overcome the possible impairments present in the current use environment, (network connention, poor network conditions, video traffic delay, etc).
  • Development of a wearable end to end life video solution for first responds, industrial technicians and engineers solve real-world challenges.
  • Participation in congress and showcases to establish contact with the future potential customers.
  • The business plan for market integration.