The objective of this work package is to study user real-time transmission from the point of view of the Evolved Packet Core and how it affects its performance. Two main lines of work are defined for it. In the first one we are going to study the possibility of using OpenFlow to perform bearer identification and data retransmission involving several clients without routing the additional traffic through the core network. The second line of work is based on the extraction of timing data from both theĀ Evolved Packet CoreĀ and the User Equipment to test the performance of various handover procedures, using different radio technologies to characterize the issues that can occur in real-world scenarios, and establish what are the possible workarounds in order to maintain a certain Quality of Experience for the user.

Similarly to the other work packages, the work to be accomplished in this work packages has been considered in different tasks, as presented next:

  • T2.1 Implement functionality to perform automatic handovers
  • T2.2 OpenFlow Gateway function with integrated Evolved Packet Core bearer database
  • T2.3 Experiment A: Application to Evolved Packet Core Service Control
  • T2.4 Experiment B: Application Controlled In Building Handover
  • T2.5 Experiment C: Group Video over OpenFlow at Adjacent Macro Cell